What is RAID

RAID is an equestrian discipline in which the speed, ability and physical and psychological resistance of a horse and rider is tested, as both must travel great distances in a day, across the most diverse terrains and against time. For the above, the rider must have the ability to dose the effort of his horse and carry a suitable rhythm during the test and at the end of the race the horse is taken the pulsations and if they are above what is allowed, the rider will be eliminated.

The competition consists of completing a certain number of stages or phases with a set amount of kilometers. The course is very varied, with several types of soil and natural obstacles and at the end of each phase, the horses are inspected by veterinarians, who in the absence of any medical problem, will give, or not give the authorization to continue in the race. For world championships the distance to be covered is 160 kilometers, divided into six phases, which is completed by competitors in 12 or more hours.

The categories in competition are: 20 km, 40 km, 60 km, 80 km, 120 km, 130 km and 160 km. The categories are determined in relation to 5 factors: training, effort, distance, physical preparation of both the horse and the rider, and his experience in running.

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